Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Travel nursing jobs

Travel nursing job is a good profession choice as travel nurses are given more salary than the daily and permanent nurses. Traveling nursing jobs came into existence in 1920 after the shortage of nurses felt. In US it is very well known profession and the demand of travel nurses are more because of less number of nurses in certain regions.There are about 340 US travel nurse companies and around 25500 travel nurses in USA.The greatest thing about USA is the Las Vegas which is the most populous city in the US and is an internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shoppingonline casino  and fine dining.

Travel nursing jobs are the short term jobs in which the nurses have to travel to different parts of the country. The agreement which is outside the country is of longer period like one to two years. This job gives an amazing experience of meeting with new people and enjoying different seasons and states of the country.
How to become a traveling nurse

To become a travel nurse one will have to complete the education from the affiliated nursing school to get the Registered Nurse degree. You can go for any types of education courses available like:4 years BSN degree, 2 years ADN program and 3 years diploma.
Along with this you have the clinical experience of one year as a licensed nurse within their specialization area to get in travel nurse jobs. For an international travel nursing jobs it is advised that you get two to three years of experience. For Med-Surgery, psychiatric nurse Jobs and Rehabilition you need the experience of 2 years and for LPN / LVN requires 3 years of experience Also clearing NCLEX-RN exam is a must in the USA. Along with this you must obtain a license for the respective state. You travel nursing company is in mind to help it.
Travel nursing companies and travel agencies are providing jobs which are having tie up with the hospitals. Travel nursing companies not only helps you in providing jobs, but also helps you in moving, housing and registration with local authorities. You should be careful while choosing these such types of companies as every company has different services and offers. There are lots of great sites available from where you can get information about the requirements and specifications for travel nurses jobs.

Benefits of Traveling Nurse Jobs
Salary of travel nurse is more than the registered nurse working in the same hospital. Travel nurses will get the housing facility with basic furnishings of washer dryers, dishwashers etc. The nurses wants to live independently they are given housing wage.
Travel nurses are given more salary in north or west America than the southern American States. The RN travel nurse salary can be $40 per hour whereas surgical technologists, respiratory therapist and LPN will get pay close to $28 per hour.
So start with a travel nursing job as it is adventurous career.

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